Zipping Around Town on a 70 MPH Electric Scooter: A Review

Looking for a high-speed 70 mph electric scooter?

It doesn’t seem so long ago that a 20 mph scooter was considered fast. Nowadays, this type of top speed is reserved for commuters, whereas high-speed performance machines can reach staggering speeds more commonly associated with motorcycles. That’s fast enough to get even the most dedicated Thrillseekers’ hearts racing.

One of the fastest scooters currently available on the market is the Dualtron X 2, an electric scooter from mini motors. This scooter can reach speeds of up to 70 mph, making it one of the quickest and most powerful electric scooters in existence.

Dualtron X 2: (The 70 mph electric Scooter)

70 mph electric Scooter

If you’re looking for a scooter with extreme speed and have always wanted extreme fun, so get ready to experience new levels of excitement. There’s a new Dualtron in town, and it has successfully stolen the title of fastest and most radical scooter of all time.

The X 2 has many of the impressive stats from its older version, the X, but with a few key differences. The most significant of these is the significant increase in speed. The X2 has a nearly incomprehensible top speed of 70 mph. This is due to its massive 8300W hub motors, which allow it to deliver heart-stopping acceleration and tremendous torque.

This also means that the X 2 is unquestionably the king of hill climbs. It can conquer hills with a 70% gradability. 

The X 2 could breeze up streets without breaking a sweat. With a top speed of 70 mph, the X 2 should be considered a motorcycle rather than an electric scooter, so dependable brakes were essential. 

Fortunately, the X 2 checks that box, with dual hydraulic brakes and optional ABS. These are the best brakes available and will be extremely sensitive to even the smallest amount of pressure. You can rely on them to respond when you need them to, smoothly and consistently slowing you down.


It has a simple hydraulic system that allows you to adjust the intensity to suit your riding needs. When it comes to suspension, of course, one size is not suitable for all. A stiffer suspension is preferable for smooth roads and high speeds, whereas a softer setup provides more comfort and traction when riding over bumps and depressions. 

It has a new and improved 19-step suspension system. You won’t be limited to the terrain you can handle with the X 2’s 19-step system, but you can adjust your scooter to your preferred settings as needed.

The massive 13-inch pneumatic tires on the X 2 add to the system’s success and they provide excellent shock absorption and a balanced, plush ride. Their large size will take some getting used to, and you won’t be able to perform any sharp or drastic maneuvers, but once you’ve mastered it, the floating ride quality will quickly become one of your favorite aspects of this scooter.

It’ll be especially useful if you decide to take your X 2 on a long ride. With its massive LG battery, this scooter is powerful enough to support its massive motors and travel up to 93 miles. However, it is worth noting that if you ride in dual-motor or pro mode, the maximum range will be significantly reduced, whereas choosing eco mode will increase this. 

The EYE controller and battery voltage meter both keep track of your battery level (and speed), but if you need to charge it, expect to wait 25 hours with a single charger, 12 hours with two chargers, or 8 hours with the fast charger.

The X 2 retains the original X’s brutal, chunky exterior. This is a functional as well as an aesthetic feature, as the bulky frame and sturdy construction allow it to withstand the stresses of high-speed riding. 

It is also designed to carry a larger payload than its younger sibling and can carry up to 150 kg. This makes it an excellent choice for heavier riders.

Specifications of Dualtron X 2
Speed:70 mph
Battery: LG battery (up to 93 miles)
Motor:8300W hub motor
Brakes:Dual hydraulic brakes with optional ABS
Suspension system:19-step adjustable suspension system
Tires:13-inch pneumatic tyres
Charging Time:25 hours with a single charger, 12 hours with two chargers, and 8 hours with a fast charger.
70 mph electric Scooter


  • Extremely fast top speed of 70 mph
  • Massive 8300W hub motors resulting in great acceleration and torque
  • 70% gradability for hill climbing
  • Dual hydraulic brakes with optional ABS for reliable braking
  • 19-step adjustable suspension system for personalized riding preference
  • 13-inch pneumatic tires provide excellent shock absorption
  • Can carry up to 150 kg payload


  • Long charging time with a single charger (25 hours)
  • Battery range significantly reduced in dual-motor or pro mode

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Final Words:

The Dualtron X 2 is the fastest and most powerful electric scooter on the market.  With top speeds of up to 70mph, an impressive gradability of 70%, and dual hydraulic brakes with optional ABS, this scooter is designed for serious speed freaks. 

On top of that, the 19-step suspension system and 13-inch pneumatic tires make it a comfortable ride no matter where you go. With its massive LG battery, it can last up to 93 miles before needing recharging, making it a great choice for long-distance rides. And with a payload of 150kg, it’s perfect for heavy riders too. In short, the Dualtron X 2 is simply the best scooter money can buy.  

If you’re looking for speed and performance, this is the scooter for you. So go ahead and try it out; you won’t be disappointed!

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