Electric Scooters For Heavy Adults 300lbs

It’s no big surprise that most scooters are designed for smaller riders. Most range tests are performed on level ground with riders weighing 170 lbs, which is why your 30-mile range scooter only gets 15 miles with a heavier rider on board. 

The majority of adults are larger and heavier than the average scooter test driver. The average adult American weighs around 200 pounds. This means that finding the best electric scooter for heavy adults based solely on advertised specs can be difficult.

As a result, we tested some of the most popular electric rides on the market and compiled this list of scooters designed for taller and heavier riders.

Here is the list of the Top 5 Electric Scooters With a Weight Capacity of 300 Pounds:

1. Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 for riders weighing 300 pounds

The Wolf Warrior 11, the monster truck of the electric scooter world, is at the top of our list. It has a maximum weight load of 330 lbs, which is higher than most other electric scooters and PEVs, making it suitable for heavier riders.

The Wolf Warrior has a lot of power; two 1200 W hub motors provide a nominal power of 2400 W and a peak power of 3600 W, which means it can conquer any hill in your neighborhood. 

Aside from the fast and snappy acceleration provided by this level of power, the Wolf Warrior’s acceleration feels more natural if you’re heavier. The brakes are full hydraulic front and rear with serious stopping power.

This is one of the fastest scooters available, with a top speed of 50 mph on level ground.

It is advertised to have a maximum range of 93 miles in eco mode and 56 miles in Dual-Motor mode. If you are heavier, you should realistically expect to ride for 35 miles without any performance loss. The suspension is among the best in the world; it’s built in the style of a dirt bike and a motorcycle, with full front and rear spring shock absorbers and relatively large pneumatic tires.

In conclusion, this is an excellent choice for heavier adults over 300 pounds looking for an adrenaline rush, as this scooter is also fantastic off-road. The only disadvantage is that the Wolf Warrior is too large and heavy to be portable; it will take up the majority of the space in a standard car trunk.


  • Sharp acceleration and a high top speed
  • Complete hydraulic disc brakes
  • Suspension of superior quality
  • Excellent for off-road riding and hill climbing


  • Expensive
  • Huge and clumsy

2. WideWheel Pro Scooter For Heavy Adults

We’ve already discussed the standard WideWheel; there’s also a new Widewheel Pro, which is essentially a better, more stable version of the original WW. WW Pro has a new, larger battery for increased range; it can travel up to 22 miles on a single charge.

Widewheel chose wider wheels to aid stability and suspension, as opposed to many mid-tier e-scooters. WW Pro is both portable and foldable, making it an excellent choice for those with limited garage or apartment space. The Widewheel weighs 300 lbs, but it can be carried in one hand.


  • A smooth and stable ride
  • Excellent battery capacity and range
  • What we didn’t care for


  • Tough tires
  • Not suitable for off-roading

3. Apollo Phantom

Heavy scooters and riders necessitate excellent suspension. The Apollo Phantom scooter is without a doubt one of the most comfortable, thanks to its innovative suspension system. You’ll appreciate how smoothly it can glide over bumpy roads thanks to its 10 inch air-filled tyres, oversized deck, and wide handlebars that absorb ground shocks. 

The Phantom’s proprietary Quadruple spring suspension system dampens the surface without causing too much bounce, making it extremely stable and reliable. According to the specifications, the maximum load for this scooter is 300 pounds, but it can easily handle much more.

With two 1200W motors and a combined peak power of 3.2 kW, the Phantom scooter has plenty of power.

This model has it all: an incredible top speed, lightning-fast acceleration, incredible braking power, and first-rate suspension. The list of features is not bloated by the inclusion of useless gizmos and gadgets. This is a scooter that is jam-packed with features that you will actually use. 

Starting with an incredible display that shows everything you need to know, including how many miles you have left, and progressing to perfectly purposeful lights. It is also one of the more affordable dual-motor scooters, with a price tag of around $2000.


  • Stunning and one-of-a-kind design
  • Extra-large display
  • All-around bright lighting


  • The display is not visible in direct sunlight

4. EMOVE Cruiser

This scooter appears to end up on all of our lists, but that is only because it checks so many boxes. It is powerful, has large batteries, and is built to last. This is a high-performance, feature-rich scooter in the mid-tier price range.

One issue that all larger riders face is that their weight puts a lot of strain on the motor, causing it to work harder and drain the battery faster. This scooter can handle it because, in addition to its heavy-duty frame that can support up to 352 pounds, it has a battery that can carry that weight for hours.

The Emove Cruiser has a motor with a peak output of 1600W, allowing for a top speed of 25mph and decent hill-climbing ability. A massive 52V 30Ah LG battery gives this scooter a maximum range of 62 miles, though if you’re heavy, you probably know you can’t rely on it. You’ll get at least 30 miles out of it, which is still a great range.

The Cruiser is outfitted with everything required to support a heavy load. A dual suspension, a front spring-loaded suspension, and a rear air-ride suspension are all available. It’s not too soft, but it’s still a suspension. 

The tires are 10-inch pneumatic tubeless car tires that are puncture-proof and long-lasting, with adequate cushioning on a bumpy road.


  • Battery capacity and range are impressive
  • Water resistance rating IP67
  • Excellent value for money
  • Excellent folding mechanism


  • Heavy

5. Dualtron Thunder – Fastest Scooter for heavy adults:

Dualtron manufactures high-quality, premium scooters that can accommodate a larger rider. According to the manufacturer, the Dualtron Thunder can support riders weighing up to 300 pounds. 

This powerful scooter can easily accommodate larger riders.

The Dualtron scooter weighs 88 pounds and, while foldable, is not portable. It will, however, fit in a car trunk better than the Wolf Warrior.

It has an incredible peak power of 5400 W, which means it will reach top speed in no time. This is also one of the most powerful scooters on the market (or offroad). Hills are no problem, and heavier riders will appreciate the scooter’s power.

It’s tough, long-lasting, and stable. The Thunder has a maximum range of 74 miles, but heavier riders should only expect 40. It rides like a dream thanks to the dual piston suspension and high-quality pneumatic tyres. 

The suspension system is also adjustable, allowing you to tailor it to your preferences. Finally, the Thunder has hydraulic brakes that provide excellent stopping power. Big riders should always invest in better brakes, and Dualtron has you covered. One of the most powerful and enjoyable to-ride scooters available, capable of handling any road and several off-road trails.


  • Excellent construction, stable and long-lasting
  • It has a wide range
  • There are numerous charging options
  • The deck’s underside illuminates
  • The deck is spacious and comfortable
  • It moves quickly but stops on a dime
  • The handlebar control system is simple to use and navigate


  • It is quite heavy, making it difficult to transport
  • The wide deck makes it quite large even when folded up

Important Information About Heavy-Duty Electric Scooters:

Here is a checklist of things to consider before shopping for a sturdy electric scooter for heavy adults.

Weight restriction:

Naturally, one of the most important characteristics of heavy-duty scooters is their carrying capacity. Carrying weight is one statistic that most manufacturers are very conservative about; in practice, most scooters should be able to haul up to 40 lbs more than their maximum weight limit allows. 

Most scooters can handle 300-lb riders but with significantly reduced performance (such as most ride-hailing scooters and entry-level PEVs), but the ones listed here can run at full power even with heavier riders.

Motor and Range Power:

Motor and Range Power are critical stats for any scooter. The more power you have, the faster you will reach top speed and overcome hills. 

We recommend at least 500 W of power for heavier riders. At a bare minimum.

The Suspension is Vital:

The lighter the rider, the fewer bumps they feel while riding. The less suspension they require. If you look at kid’s mountain bikes and BMX bikes, you’ll notice that they all have solid frames and forks because little kids aren’t heavy enough to require serious suspension.

Usability and portability:

Choose a scooter that is appropriate for you and your lifestyle; consider how portable and foldable you require your scooter to be. Choose whether to keep the scooter in your apartment or in your garage.

Do you have to transport your scooter upstairs and downstairs on a daily basis? Then get the lightest scooter you can find. 

If you’re going to keep your scooter in your garage, weight isn’t an issue, but being able to fold the handle becomes much more important because you can now stash it under a table or workbench.


Choosing the right electric scooter is critical if you are a heavier rider. Because a heavier rider puts more strain on the frame and components, it is critical to select a scooter that is designed for riders your weight. 

Because they are made of high-quality materials and have powerful motors, all of the models listed above are excellent choices for heavier riders.

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