Cheap and Fast Electric Scooter for 2023

Do you want to purchase an electric scooter but are on a tight budget? Then you should read this article. In order to help you make the best choice possible, we analyze 3 of the top cheap e-scooters available today.

For good reason, electric scooters are growing in popularity in cities and towns. They are the best method to go around town since they mix the convenience of a car with the adaptability and environmental friendliness of a bicycle.

Since there are so many things to consider, picking the best electric scooter might be difficult. You can use our electric scooter shopping guide to determine the exact features you require from your e-scooter, from maximum speed to optional extras like cruise control and a practical folding mechanism. 

The only thing left to think about is your budget.

Generally speaking, cheap electric scooters have a negative image because of shoddy manufacturing procedures that produced underpowered, potentially hazardous scooters. 

Fortunately, electric scooter technology has advanced significantly, so there are many low-cost models available with high-quality construction.

The build quality of the electric scooter should be your first priority if you’re on a tight budget. To assist you in finding the greatest electric scooter for your budget, we’ve put together 3 electric scooters of top models in the midrange and entry-level price ranges. 

Top 3 Best Cheap Electric Scooters:

Here are the top 3 cheap and convenient Electric scooters that you can consider if you have a tight budget. These are reliable and come with the good build quality and functionality.

1. Turboant X7 Pro (BEST UNDER $600):

The most affordable model available from this cutting-edge electric scooter manufacturer is the Turboant X7 Pro. It improves upon the well-liked X7 by incorporating bigger tires and a greater maximum range, making it among the best electric scooters on the market when pricing is taken into account.

Weight33 lbs
Size of Wheel10 Inches
Warranty1 Year of official warranty

Many inexpensive scooters will feel fragile, and wobbly handlebars are becoming more of an issue for both novice and expert riders. With sturdy handles, a robust foldable tubular stem, and a detachable battery, the X7 Pro offers incredible build quality.

It is a good choice for large riders as well because it feels dependable even when loaded to its 275 lb maximum weight capacity.

Despite not being one of the fastest electric scooters on the market, the 350-watt engine makes up for it by being one of the most dependable. Up to about 16 mph, acceleration is smooth; after that, it drastically slows down. All you need is something that is still nimble enough to get you around town without difficulty.

One of the best features of the T7 Pro is the battery. Under ideal circumstances, the lithium-ion 360Wh battery can run the motor for about 30 miles, which translates to roughly 15 to 20 miles when used for regular road travel.

Unfortunately, it can take the battery up to six hours to charge completely, so it’s a good idea to have a backup battery on hand.

The 10″ tires should be able to handle light trails and some grass, even though most people don’t take their scooters off-road. While you will still feel every bump on the road with larger tires, it won’t be nearly as painful as with tiny solid wheels. Larger tires tend to absorb impact better. Due to the tires’ excellent traction on the ground, controlling the scooter is simple and comfortable.

The ergonomics of this scooter were heavily worked on by Turboant, and the results speak for themselves.

The push-brake handle is easily situated at the right handle, and the rubber handles feel secure yet pleasant. This is a significant improvement over the original T7 because the entire braking system feels snappy and the lag time on the e-brake is minimal.

Overall, at this pricing point, the Turboant T7 Pro is a great purchase. It’s convenient, trustworthy, and has a long-lasting battery, making it ideal for your everyday commute to work. The T7 Pro is our top pick because the majority of the rivals that provide comparable features and specifications are significantly more expensive. These factors make this our top selection for around $600.

It’s one of the best electric scooters for commuting because to its excellent affordability and reliable range.


  • Exceptional acceleration and range
  • Several safety features (LED head- and tail lights)
  • 10″ pneumatic tires with an IP54 rating offer good ride comfort.


  • Strong construction results in a significant 33 lb transport weight

2. Turboant X7 (BEST UNDER $500):

If you want a scooter for less than $500, the Turboant X7 is a great affordable electric. It features three separate braking systems, and a detachable battery pack, and is durable.

The 350W engine has an adequate top speed, smooth acceleration, and enough power to propel you up mild slopes. It can tackle slopes with a 10% slope, but if the climb is steeper than that, you might need to add a little kick to speed things up.

Weight29.7 lbs
Size of Wheel8.5 Inches
Warranty1 Year of official warranty

The Turboant X7’s triple-redundant braking system is a fantastic feature that guarantees you’ll stop safely even in an emergency. An electronic brake, a conventional disc brake, and a foot brake make up the system. Using the hand lever, you can engage the disc brake and e-brake at the same time, albeit you might need to tighten the disc brake to get responsive braking power.

The removable battery pack is primarily to blame for the Tubroant X7’s 29.7 lb weight. Although it is a little heavy, it is still rather simple to carry into a building and onto public transportation. If you frequently have to squeeze through small entrances, the handlebars don’t fold away, which can be really bothersome.

The Turboant X7’s control panel was simple to operate and straightforward. The LED provides all the necessary information, such as power, light settings, and cruise control settings, at a glance. Even during prolonged excursions, controlling your scooter is incredibly straightforward thanks to the throttle’s integrated settings.

You can experiment with the Turboant’s three different P-settings until you discover one you prefer. P0 converts your display from miles per hour to kilometers per hour, P1 turns on or off cruise control, and P2 lets you decide whether you require a kick-start or not.

With a maximum rider weight of 275 pounds, the X7 is a fantastic scooter for grownups.

This carrying capacity is notably greater than the maximum rider weight of the X7’s immediate competitors, and it is also significantly less expensive.

You will value the Turboant X7’s IP54 classification, which indicates that it can withstand being splashed with water if you reside in a rainy region of the planet. You can still use your scooter to go around on wet days even though you can’t constantly drive through puddles.


  • Easy to carry and fold
  • Your range is significantly increased by a detachable battery
  • LED front and back headlights
  • Outstanding carrying capacity


  • Some features of the construction should be improved (some non-mechanical parts required some tightening before use)

3. Gotrax XR Elite, (BEST UNDER $400):

A popular and rather competent budget scooter, the Gotrax XR Ultra, has been updated as the Elite. The Elite is a superior option overall as a result of the company’s application of several lessons it gained from the XR Ultra release to it.

A scooter that knows what to emphasize and what to dismiss is the XR Elite. This scooter is a no-frills, no-hassle vehicle that will reliably transport you from point A to point B for years to come instead of expensive accessories and gimmicks.

Weight32 lbs
Size of Wheel8.5 Inches
Warranty1 Year of official warranty

The 15.5 mph top speed is plenty to get you where you need to go in a secure manner, frequently with extra time. The battery’s stated maximum range is 18.6 miles, but under typical riding circumstances, you’re more likely to get 10 to 15 miles.

The safety features of the Gotrax XR Elite really stand out. Most manufacturers of electric scooters will be content to add a few LED lights to the front and back, but Gotrax has increased the number of reflectors and lights on the side of the scooter. You won’t ever have to worry about visibility again if you commute a lot at night.

The dual-braking system gives you the stopping strength you need to avoid colliding with pedestrians or bicycles by using disc brakes at the back and an e-brake up front. With the dual-brake system, you can stop quickly while maintaining balance and control since both wheels receive adequate braking power.

The 8.5″ air-filled tires deliver a smooth ride over most surfaces and have enough traction to keep you feeling in control at all times. We’ve discovered that air-filled tires, particularly on non-suspension scooters, offer a smoother ride than tubeless tires. You definitely run the chance of getting a flat tire, but you’ll find the improved riding quality makes up for it occasionally.

For daily commuting, the XR Elite is the ideal, reasonably priced electric scooter. With a single charge, it can travel up to 18 miles, and the front and rear lights guarantee your constant safety. Although this scooter won’t blow you away with excitement, it will perform precisely what you need it to and offer dependable service for a very long time. For the money, it’s a great everyday driver, especially when compared to competitors like the Razor E300.


  • With an IP54 designation for water resistance, it can withstand mild rain and splashes your range is significantly increased by a detachable battery.
  • Excellent construction, especially given the price range.
  • Side reflectors improve safety and visibility.
  • Fantastic range, a comfy ride.


  • Limiting top speed during acceleration


Choosing an electric scooter becomes more difficult as more manufacturers enter the market. But even at the lower end of the price range, there are many possibilities, and with a little patience and investigation, you may discover one that exactly matches your requirements and expectations.

To make things simpler for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top cheap e-scooters, with prices ranging from under $100 to roughly $600 per unit, using our years of experience and hands-on testing in the field. There are high-end options available, but they are not available at this price point.

So if all you need is a means of transportation, practically any budget can usually be satisfied.

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