2 Best Foldable Electric Scooters For Adults

Foldable electric scooters for adults are the perfect way to get around. Unlike traditional electric scooters, foldable electric scooters are lightweight and easy to store away when not in use.

They also don’t require any kind of battery change or charging station, since they come with their own built-in rechargeable battery. On top of that, you can save money on gas and parking fees by using a foldable electric scooter.

Foldable electric scooters are ideal for commuters, students, or anyone else looking to get around quickly and conveniently. Additionally, they can also be used on bike paths and sidewalks since they’re light enough that they won’t disturb other pedestrians.

Why We should Prefer buying Foldable Electric Scooters for Adults?

Foldable electric scooters are an affordable, eco-friendly way to get around town.  They’re easy to carry and store, so you won’t have to worry about leaving your scooter out in the rain or having it stolen.

They also come with an array of features that make them even more convenient, such as LED lights, adjustable handlebars, and variable speed settings. Additionally, they offer a comfortable ride thanks to their ergonomic seats and shock-absorbing tires.

Finally, when you buy a foldable electric scooter, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that your purchase is backed by the manufacturer’s warranty. Most manufacturers also offer after-sales support to ensure that your scooter remains in good working condition for many years to come.

Best Foldable electric scooters for adults:

For adults who are looking for a high-quality, affordable foldable electric scooter to use for commuting or leisurely rides, our top picks include Cityrider and Segway Ninebot ES1 Folding Electric Scooters.

1. City Rider (Foldable Electric Scooter):

Foldable electric scooters for adults

The Cityrider is the best folding scooter under $400 and features an adjustable handlebar with dual-motor support, 8.5″ honeycomb solid tires for a smooth ride, a rear drum and step-on brake for improved safety, a speedometer display, a 7.5Ah lithium-ion battery with an impressive 10-mile range.


  • One of the greatest solutions available for individuals seeking a foldable electric scooter that is portable to a tea and only weighs 28 lbs is likely the Cityrider (12.7 kg).
  • It is beautifully made, rides smoothly, and excels at its intended function. If necessary, the stem is very simple to take up and carry because it folds and fastens to the back bumper. 
  • However, the handlebars do not fold. 
  • Look no further than this scooter if your commute is primarily within the city limits and mile range and maximum speed are not your top priorities.
Specifications of City Rider
Motor:300W brushless hub motor
Tires:8.5″x 2″ honeycomb solid tires
Dimensions: 43.3×18.1×47.8 inches
Battery:Lithium-ion 36V 7.5Ah
Suspension:Inner suspension tires
Folded Dim:43.3×18.1×47.8 inches
Range:10 Miles
Weight:28.5 lbs (12.7 kg)
Top Speed:18 Mph (29 km/h)
Lights:Front and rear LED
Drive:Front Wheel Drive
Weight Limit:220 lbs (100 kg)
Battery Position:Under Board
Foldable electric scooters for adults


  • Extremely Fast 
  • Creative Design 
  • Ingenious Display


  • It has a Limited range

2. Segway Ninebot ES1 (Foldable Electric Scooter):

Foldable Electric Scooter

The Camera-Ready Scooter is here to help you, with a strong 250W motor, the Segway Ninebot ES1L can travel up to 12.4 miles at 12.4 mph and support a maximum load of 220 lbs. The seamless design of the vehicle demonstrates the high caliber of craftsmanship.


  • Water-Resistant IPX4
  • Foldable and light: The ES1L’s portable weight of 24.9 lbs is a result of its body being made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. It is simple to carry on public transit and stow in your car thanks to the one-click folding method. Bring it wherever you go and whenever you want.
  • Providing the rider with comfort and safety while riding is the spring in the front shock absorber. Maximum rider comfort is provided with 8-inch inner-support hollow tires. Front electronic brakes as well as rear foot brakes make stopping safely.
  • Innovative and superior technology: The vehicle is outfitted with a high-end brushless and hapless motor that was specially built by ninebot to reduce power consumption and increase vehicle life. Battery safety is guaranteed with a high-quality lithium-ion battery pack with dual BMS technology
Foldable electric scooters for adults
Specifications of Segway Ninebot ES1
Model Name:300W brushless hub motor
Frame Material:8.5″x 2″ honeycomb solid tires
Item Weight: 43.3×18.1×47.8 inches
Weight Limit:Lithium-ion 36V 7.5Ah
Dimensions:Inner suspension tires
Number of Wheels:43.3×18.1×47.8 inches
Special Feature:10 Miles
Color:28.5 lbs (12.7 kg)
Age Range (Description):18 Mph (29 km/h)
Motor:Front and rear LED
Tires:Front Wheel Drive
Battery:220 lbs (100 kg)
Folded Dim:Under Board
Range:12.4 Miles
Brakes:Front Electronic & Rear Foot Brakes
Weight:24.9 lbs (11 kg)
Top Speed:12 Mph (19 km/h)
Lights:LED light on Board and Motor Headlight
Drive:Rear Wheel Drive
Display:Battery Indicator
Battery Position:Under Board


  • Lightweight & Portable
  • High-performance motor
  • Front shock absorber
  • Dual braking system
  • Battery indicator display


  • No folding of the handlebars

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Wrapping Up:

The ES1L and Cityrider are both top-notch foldable electric scooters that have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. The Ninebot ES1L has a higher range and top speed, making it better suited for longer commutes. 

The Cityrider is the lighter option which makes it easy to transport and store. Both scooters offer smooth rides, powerful motors, and reliable brakes for a safe journey. Deciding which is best for you depends on what features are most important to you and your daily needs.

All in all, the Ninebot ES1L and Cityrider are both great scooters that offer riders the convenience of a foldable electric scooter with maximum performance and safety.  

Whether you’re looking for a reliable commuting partner, or an electric scooter to take on short trips around town, both the Ninebot ES1L and Cityrider are sure to exceed your expectations.

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