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What Is The Best Personal Transporter?


A TRX electric scooter was never on our mind when we started to shop for electric scooters.

We live in all adult community that has a recreation center, golf course, and pool area relatively close by.

However, they are a bit far to reach by walking, and too close to crank up the car each time.

So we thought that an electric scooter might be a good solution for reaching these points of destination within our community.

We knew nothing about electric scooters, except that our neighbor several streets away owns one. So, we called her up and asked if we could come over and check it out.

She said that it might be easier if she rode it over to our house.

We had never seen it, but she tells us that it is a TRX Personal Transporter scooter, and that she LOVES it!

She came over the next afternoon, and lo and behold, she was riding a TRX scooter!

We were a bit taken aback, because we were used to traditional scooters that have 2 wheels, and no motor.

As she came to a halt in our driveway, we started asking her questions about the features of the TRX Personal Transporter scooter.

We were told that 3 wheel electric scooters are safer and more stable than 2 wheel electric scooters. Also, they have an extremely tight turning radius, which makes them very maneuverable.

At 79 lbs, it has plenty of heft to add to it’s stability.

The TRX scooter has twin 150 watt motors, which we were told is quite powerful for an electric scooter. At any rate, it “scoots” along at upwards of 15 mph, which is perfect for our needs.

Acceleration is controlled by the thumb, and it has a hand controlled brake that provides crisp and sure braking.

The last thing she told us about was the battery. It has a 36 volt, fully re-chargeable battery pack, that gives it a range of about 10 miles on a single charge. The battery can easily be charged overnight.

As we watched her ride away, my wife and I agreed that it was time we buy a TRX electric scooter.

Check out this video review of the TRX scooter!



What I liked About The TRX

  • Comfort –  This electric scooter is seriously comfortable! This is mostly attributed to the fact that your feet will be resting at your sides (shoulder-width apart) rather than on one, narrow piece of metal. Comfort is extremely important when it comes to electric scooters and it’s even more important for adults like us!
  • Speed – The top speed on this TRX electric scooter is a sizable 12 mph which is more than enough for people like us. Remember, this isn’t a toy for speed; it’s meant strictly to get you from point A to point B. If you’re looking for a toy scooter, check out the E300 or take a look at this page


What I didn’t Like About The TRX

  • Limited Range – This is only a problem if you make it one. Most of the time, you won’t need to go anywhere farther than 6 miles and anything under that will get you there and back because the total range is 12 mph before you need a recharge. This is okay for most people and it’s not such a hassle, but can you imagine if the range was something like 20 mph? You’d have a lot more freedom to roam around!