I wouldn’t consider myself an expert on electric scooters, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t know my fair share of information. After purchasing these items for all three of my kids, I went on a sort of binge-buying spree and have since then invested in many electric scooters. I dream of one day selling my own electric scooters but until then, here are my reviews.


Razor E100 Electric Scooter

From my experience, the Razor E100 is the perfect scooter for either really young kids or first time buyers of electric scooters, or both. In all honesty it’s not the fastest electric scooter but it is still very good and for its relatively cheap price, it’s a bargain. I highly recommend this electric scooter for all kids under the age of 10!






Razor E300 Electric Scooter

This electric scooter is just like the E100! The biggest difference between these two scooters is that one rides at a maximum of 10 mph and the other rides at 15 mph. If you really like scooters then this would probably be a better option for you in comparison to the E100 because the speed is exhilarating and it’s just a thrill to ride. For most kids over the age of 10, this should be perfectly fine and will make a fantastic gift.





Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter

The Razor Pocket Mod electric scooter is quite possibly the most underrated electric scooter I can think of. It’s often thought of as being primarily just a girls scooter because of the staple image you see to your right, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. This scooter is perfect for both boys and girls of just about any age. It also comes with a seat which is always a fantastic feature that I love so I can highly recommend this scooter to parents.




Razor E200 Electric Scooter

As I’ve already mentioned countless times on this website, the Razor E200 Electric Scooter is an electric scooter that is too often underrated, and for the life of me I can’t figure out why that is. Some people seem to think that just because its slower than the E300, it must automatically be worse but I’m here to tell you that this is not the truth! The Razor E300 is the better scooter in my opinion, but for completely different reason. Check out my review of the Razor E200.




IMAX S1 Electric Scooter

The most expensive electric scooter I’ve ever seen is this one, and let me tell you that it is a joy to ride. Although pricey (extremely pricey at that), it makes for an awesome toy and even a commute vehicle in certain situations! I can confidently say that I really recommend the S1 Scooter by IMAX.






Razor EcoSmart Electric Scooter

I always love talking about the EcoSmart because it is one of my most frequent choices when using electric scooters and maybe my favorite! I always use it when going to the gym, grocery store, or even to some of meetings. I guess you could say this thing is pretty versatile.






Glion Dolly Electric Scooter

This is a scooter that is very much like the IMAX I reviewed above. It’s just a bit of a downgrade in a few categories but it still rocks and is a great selection in most cases. Although I’m not the biggest fan of its price point, I can work with it just because the folks over at Glion made a heck of an electric scooter here. Check out my review to read more about this scooter.






Razor RX200 Electric Scooter

The Razor RX200 is an electric scooter that is not very popular, despite it’s innovative style and technology. It is a scooter that has many of the same things we know and love from other scooters, but brings quite an array of new things in terms of features. I got a kick out of this scooter for a while but still didn’t love it, although my daughter just couldn’t get enough of it.