Razor Scooters

The term “cheap electric scooter” is certainly a relative term.  However, in recent times, companies like Razor USA have been making quality electric scooters at VERY affordable prices!

The Razor E100 electric scooter, as seen in this brief video, really “scoots” along fast enough to give any young rider a thrill!  Check it out!


The Razor E100 is Razor USA’s best selling electric scooter, and the best selling electric scooter on Amazon.com!

All for a price tag that is more than affordable! This particular model targets children that are 8 years of age and older, with a rider weight capacity of 120 lbs. A twist of the hand throttle can send a rider to a top speed of 10+ mph!

The Razor E100 can run continuously for up to 40 minutes, on a single charge of it’s dual 12 volt batteries. Of course, you can ride much longer with frequent stops.

The batteries take approximately 8 hours to re-charge.

The investment made toward the electric scooter, also includes a charger, tools, and a full 90 day warranty!



The Razor E300S is a cheap electric scooter that targets older children and even adults.

It features a fully adjustable and movable seat, which can handle riders up to 220 lbs.  Reaching A top speed of 15+ mph, and equipped with a non slip deck, the Razor E300S is a popular scooter to ride while performing tricks!

The Razor E300S Is A Cheap Electric Scooter With A Seat!

It features a powerful 250 watt direct chain driven motor, which is delightfully quiet as well.

The twist grip accelerator provides a responsive thrust, and the hand held, rear brakes assure crisp braking.

The battery pack has two 12 volt, fully re-chargeable batteries. They enable riders to go continuously for up to 45 minutes on a single charge!

The Razor E300S has a full 90 day warranty.



My 9 year old daughter had been bugging me to death to get her the Razor E175 Electric Scooter.

Her best friend in the neighborhood has one, and everytime she “zips” by, I have to hear about it!

So finally, enough was enough, and my wife and I decided we would do some shopping for kids electric scooters.

The only place we knew of to get some information, was online.

So we “Googled” in “electric scooters” to see what we could find out.

We found out pretty quick that their all kinds of electric scooters, and many of them were not what we were looking for. We discovered “mobility” scooters, “street legal” scooters, even scooters that were used to haul coolers!

Finally, we “Googled” in “kids electric scooters”, and actually found what we were looking for.

When discussing manufacturers of electric scooters for kids, the name that came up the most often was Razor USA. They have been making scooters of all types for about 10 years.

In fact, they make kids electric vehicles of all types, including “off road” electric vehicles such as dune buggies.

We finally came across the Razor E175 electric scooter online at Amazon.com. We started reading a few reviews, and going over some of the features of the Razor E175.

While manufacturers make suggestions regarding the age range of riders for a particular scooter model,  we found that weight capacity is probably the best criterion to help determine which electric scooter is best for a kid.

The E175, for example, has a rider weight capacity of up to 120lbs. Our daughter weighs about 70 lbs, so that was fine. In fact, she will be able to ride it for quite some time.

Top speed is also important. You want a top speed that is exciting, but doesn’t scare the child. The Razor E175 electric scooter has a top speed of 10 mph. Again, that top speed was just fine.

We also found out that it has a twist grip accelerator, and bicycle style hand brakes. It runs continuously for up to 40 minutes on a charge of it’s twin 12 volt batteries.

Plenty of time to have fun!

Finally, charging is perfectly suited as an overnight task. It takes about 12 hours to re-charge.

All in all, the Razor E175 electric scooter is a fantastic way for kids to have good old fashioned, safe fun!