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Razor RX200 Electric Scooter Review


The Razor RX200 is an electric scooter that I am personally quite fond of. It is almost always going to be classified as a kids scooter, but that’s fine because I have been known to heavily review these anyway (see here).

I got this one for my youngest daughter once she started getting bored of her E100 scooter that I reviewed here. Don’t get me wrong about that scooter though, she just outgrew it. It by no means is a poor electric scooter – it’s just slower than most.

The lack of speed is mostly due to the fact that it was constructed for younger kids, but we’re not here to talk about the Razor E100. We’re here to discuss this new Razor Rx200.

It was quite the upgrade for my daughter. To go from 10 mph to 12 mph is quite a big deal at her age, so she was pretty satisfied, and still is. The scooter can support riders under 154 lbs and is recommended for kids ages 13 and up (but I would say kids 10 and up are fine too).


Initial Thoughts

I’ve been a big user of electric scooters for a few good years now and I have to admit that before I purchased this electric scooter, I wasn’t really thinking I was going to be impressed all that much.

The truth is that I really wasn’t too surprised, like I expected. I didn’t think that the RX200 really provided anything new or innovative, and I thought it wasn’t going to be very special to my daughter.

Boy was I wrong. She loved this scooter as soon as she got a taste of it! I guess the E100 really got boring over time and she was really in need of a new ride.

Luckily, Razor came out with this new model quite recently and I purchased it almost on the spot. Admittedly, I would have regretted it at first but after seeing my daughters’ reaction, I don’t regret a single thing.

After a while, I realized that this is updated technology and that old scooters need to be left behind. I can’t lie and say that scooters that are 5 years old are as good as the ones made today, and I won’t make that claim.


How Does It Work?

We’ve been through this too many times by now and we don’t need to keep repeating the same things over and over. All in all, your experience with the RX200 should be nearly the same as with any other scooters for kids.

Yes, there will be some differences and yes, there are going to be some things you’ll have to get used to, but it’s not difficult task.

A noticeable difference I caught rather quickly was the difference in handlebar shape. It has a more rounded finish and resembles an older type scooter (it almost looks like a bicycle handlebar.

This shouldn’t really change things for you but if it does, getting used to it probably won’t be too hard (if you’ve had experience with electric scooters before). Just make sure to take your time, work efficiently, and most importantly be patient.

It will take some time for you to get completely used to riding this scooter, but it will happen and you will settle in.



Is This Scooter Worth The Price?

Yes and no. If you really are fond of these types of electric scooters then sure, this scooter is worth the price. However, if you’re in the market for the best electric scooter available, then there are probably better options you can choose from.

Scooters like the E300, E100, or even other adult scooters are going to do better for you at a more fair price point. So if you really want to get the RX200, then the price will be fine, but if you’re in the market for the best scooter, you can probably get something better.