Razor Pocket Mod Review


The Razor Pocket Mod was the second electric scooter we got for our 10 year old daughter, shortly after getting an E300 for our oldest son whom this journey all started with. He was having a blast with his fast electric scooter and our daughter Katie wanted a piece. Our 11 year old son, Rupert was a bit selfish at the time due to his own excitement so he did not want to share (much) and that left us with one solution: get a scooter for Katie!

In the beginning we were uneasy about getting a normal electric scooter for Katie because she is a bit heavy and isn’t the most balanced kid in the world, but we didn’t give up. We got online and searched for a few hours until we came across this pocket mod and right away we knew it was for her.

At first glance, you may notice that this doesn’t really look like your typical scooter mainly because regular scooters don’t come with seats, but it is a real electric scooter nonetheless. You might also think that because the frame is generally heftier and heavier that this would be a slow ride but you be wrong to think that too!



Initial Thoughts

Since we knew how much Rupert was having with his very own electric scooter, we were anxious to see how this seated model would be for Katie.

A few torn packages and a full charge later, she loved it. In fact, she loved this pocket mod more than she even loved her brothers E300! I’m sure this is in large part due to the fact that for her wider frame, a seat was a really nice touch, she often became exhausted after heavy use of the Razor E300.

After a few days, we realized that seated electric scooters wrongfully get a bad rap at times. They are sometimes seen as dull and/or more boring versions of what people like to think “real” scooters are, but they’re really not. This electric scooter is in fact one of the fastest electric scooters you can even get.

Anyways, back to Katie’s experience. We didn’t know that the top speed on this bad boy would be all the way up to 15 mph but it was (for some reason we remembered 10 mph). As it turns out, Katie and Rupert would be racing down our quiet street on their own two scooters at 15 mph, where was this stuff when I was a kid?


How Does It Work?

When this toy arrives to your shipping address and you take it out of the box, you’ll notice that it requires a small amount of assembly which isn’t a big problem.

You want to simply place both wheels in their respective slots and tighten them securely by pulling on the levers by their side.

Next, you’ll want to slot in the handlebar into the stem which shouldn’t be too difficult. If you’ve ever seen the design of a classic scooter you should get it right away.

That’s about it! Other things you can do include making sure that the tires are properly inflated and checking on the battery. You’ll want to initially give your pocket mod a charge north of 12 hours to begin with before you get rolling, check out this video to learn more.



Is This Scooter Worth The Price?

This Razor Pocket Mod is absolutely worth its price. It is steeper than the E100 and even more so than the E300 (slightly) but I truthfully think its all worth it. You’re getting an awesome seated electric scooter that goes wicked fast and doesn’t look too shabby either; it’s well worth the money. I’m glad Razor can actually give us an item like this that’s priced so fairly!