Razor E300 Review


The Razor E300 is my personal favorite electric scooter. It was the electric scooter

we were first introduced to and for this reason, it holds a special place in my heart.

One day, my kids and I went over to the home of our pastor to hang out and enjoy the nice weather! It was just a normal day until our pastor (Jim) and his daughter Angela took us in front of their garage to show us something.

Angela pulled out what I at the time thought was a regular scooter and needless to say, I wasn’t too impressed. But then, she got on it and started gliding around the block without ever even touching the ground with her feet!

My kids were starstruck; they had never seen anything like this before; they even got to test drive her scooter and the only reason the fun stopped was because the scooter ran out of charge.

Naturally, as kids do, they bugged me for about the next three weeks to get them each an electric scooter. I didn’t want to order three at once because of the obvious risks involved, so I did some research with my son Rupert and decided on an electric scooter which was particularly the fastest at the time.


Initial Thoughts

I have to be honest, I was more blown away with this electric scooter upon arrival when compared to any other, although that probably has a lot to do with the fact that it was the first one we had gotten.

Immediately we had read as much as we could have on the small assembly and start up of this electric scooter and for the next 12 hours or so, Rupert was impatiently waiting in his rooms for the light to switch from red to green.

Finally, at about 12:30 at night (not on a school night) the light switched to green. We lit up our driveway for a short test drive and I can’t put into words the pure excitement and joy coming from my 10 year old son.

It was late, so we put the scooter to bed and Rupert could barely fall asleep.

The next day, we really put this toy up to the test. We took it to the best driving grounds in my town and boy did my kids have some fun, my only wish is that they could have ridden it longer! From my first impressions, I already saw that this was quite a fast scooter in its own right and had some worries.

In the end, it’s all about safe driving and careful decision making. Safety garments help too.


How Does It Work?

Thankfully, this scooter didn’t have as much assembly requirements as toys like the pocket mod, but for first time buyers it probably won’t be a walk in the park. I don’t want to scare you off into thinking this is some difficult task, I’m just saying it will take you a few minutes to get everything going.

There are mainly components into getting started: one being setting up the the handlebar and the other is to get some rod-like object in the back near the wheel.

You want to place your handlebar accordingly to the height preferred. Once adjusted, be sure to screw the parts tightly in order to hold the handlebar in place. You’ll then notice that there’s an object in the side of the handlebar resembling a small rod.

You want to take this rod and place in the back of the scooter like shown in this video.



Is This Scooter Worth The Price?

In my opinion, the E300 is worth the price. If you’ve already checked the prices, you will have noticed that the Razor E300 is considerably more expensive than the E100, but it’s worth it.

Let me explain.

Most of the time, these electric scooters are being gifted to kids in the age range of 8 – 13. At these tender ages, kids care about one thing in particular when it comes to scooters, and that’s speed. They want to feel fast and zoom around the park or neighborhood with their friends; nobody wants to be going slowly.

The Razor E300 is really fast reaching top speeds of 15 mph which is really an impressive speed for an electric scooter! I highly recommend this scooter for kids who are more adventurous, it’s the perfect gift.