Razor E200 Review


The Razor E200 is a very unique electric scooter and it is one that is too often criminally¬†underrated. It’s in between a Razor E100 and E300, although it leans a bit more towards the E100 rather than the latter for reasons you will shortly discover.

At first, I couldn’t decide between them at first when looking to buy an electric scooter for my youngest daughter but I ended up choosing the E100.

She liked it and continues to like it just fine, but as she gets older and older I realize that speed becomes more important to her. Not to say that the E100 scooter by Razor is particularly slow, but it’s quite noticeably slower than its counterparts.

For that reason (along with a few others), I would probably choose to get the E200 if I could make that decision again. Fortunately for me, I was able to invest in this scooter later on the road and I really am glad that I did.


Initial Thoughts

At first glance, you realize that this scooter resembles it’s brother the E100 quite a bit. We did the usual; unpacking, slight assembling, and then we had the dreaded initial charge once again.

If you’ve read any of our other reviews of electric scooters, you will know that not only do we not like the initial charge up time, we aren’t big fans of the regular, every-day charge up time either because that number sometimes goes up to double digits in terms of hours.

We let if charge overnight while we slept. I will admit, the kids were once again pretty excited and ultimately slept quite poorly. When morning rose though, they all jumped out of their beds within the same hour to test our brand new, shiny electric scooter.

once again, the kids had a blast for about the first hour or two of the morning and once again they completely drained an electric scooter of charge extremely quickly on the day of arrival, I wasn’t too surprised.

In regards to what they thought about it, I’d say they all generally loved it. The 12 mph speed it brings is really good for our youngest because previously the fastest she had went on her E100 was 10 mph.

My 11 year old son was the least impressed out of the year and I’m positive that is because this ride was a bit of a downgrade for him, at least in terms of speed. His Razor E300 goes all the way up to 15 mph so it was more of a snail-ride for him.


How Does It Work?

I have a slight hunch that most of the people reading this review have some experience in electric scooters, so I’ll save the university lecture length articles for another day.

Straight out of the box, some assembly is required but it’s nothing the average person can’t handle so ease your anxieties in that department.

After finishing up on putting the scooter together, you’ll notice that this scooter comes empty in terms of power so you’ll have to wait for it to charge up before you go any further. Talk about a build up!

Finally, in about 12 hours or so (usually less), you’ll have the chance to ride your very own electric scooter! No matter if it’s your first time or not, I suggest you be safe. If it is your first time, check out my safety tips for riding electric scooters.


Is This Scooter Worth The Price?

Well it depends! How badly do you want this scooter? If you’re interested in the E200, you’re probably now having to choose between that or the E100 because they are similar in so many ways.

Have no doubts however, they are nearly identical and you really can’t go wrong with either options. In most cases, the price of the Razor E200 is fair.