Razor E100 Review


The E100 model by Razor is a classic electric scooter and it’s one we have some of theĀ fondest memories of. As we’ve mentioned on this page, this was a gift for our youngest daughter. Her big brother and sister both got Razor electric scooters as well and we just couldn’t leave her out of the fun, but one of our main concerns was that these toys were too dangerous for her small, fragile frame. As it turns out, Razor had parents like us in mind because they created an electric scooter that suited us perfectly. This scooter looks just as good as any other, but it’s a bit slower than most and for parents of young children, that’s a great thing to hear.



Initial Thoughts

This was the third scooter entering my household so I can’t say that it’s something we didn’t know a whole lot about, we knew what we were getting ourselves into. Right out of the box, the scooter resembles the same features as the E300 almost to the exact details, I’d say the wheels and frame of the E300 are just a little bit thicker. For about the first 20 minutes we thought we had received a broken model until we did some further reading.

Let me explain.

We went through this trouble because we thought it would work in the exact same way that our other two scooters would; you get on and you go! After a few minutes of frustration and rabid Googling we discovered that in order for the electric chain to kick in, the rider must reach a speed of 3 mph using their own force.

What this means is that before your child can start gliding around the street at 10 mph fully by throttle control, they must first give the scooter a slight push. It wasn’t much of a problem in all honesty. Actually, we preferred this technology because it ensured us that before reaching top speeds, our daughter would have her balance.


How Does It Work?

Well as much as your kids would probably love to jump on this thing as soon as it reaches your porch, you must know that Razor recommends an initial charge of at least 12 hours before zipping away.

This is kind of a misleading message because the scooter will always require to be charged for around 12 hours in order to get a full charge, so it’s not just an initial thing. Once the light switches from red to green, you can turn your electric scooter on with the switch on the side of it’s body which lays near the back wheel.

After that, you’re golden!

Just get your little one to carefully step on the scooter and get comfortable. At first, I’d recommend using this scooter in its conventional manner and gradually mixing in some throttle action in between. Eventually, they will no longer have a need to use their feet, except to start it up.

Check out this video to learn more about setting up your E100:



Is This Scooter Worth The Price?

Without a doubt, this scooter is worth the price and quite frankly more. It’s relatively quite cheap when taking all things into account and it really is one of the most fun toys a kid can dream of at this moment.

I’m not sure if it’s the best scooter, but I can confidently say that it’s the best “first time” electric scooter and that it is perfect for young kids. Maybe you spend a little bit more for the E300, but personally I would wait until my daughter is a bit older before making that move.