Electric Scooter Budgeting 101


budgeting scooters

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to save some money when shopping and you can certainly be sure there’s nothing wrong with wanting to save some money on an item such as this. It is true that electric scooter manufacturers have done a marvelous job at getting their prices down in recent years, but for most people it still hasn’t been enough. Spending $200 – $400 on something that people essentially think of as a toy.



Now if you were to ask me? I think that this is so much more than just a toy and I would be willing to pay double the asking prices for these magnificent things, but that’s just because I love them so much more than your average consumer.

Nonetheless, your average electric scooter consumer is almost always a parent or someone who is generally quite inexperienced in the field which explains a lot about why people feel the way they feel.

When you aren’t really sure how good something is going to be or how much you’re going to enjoy something, it’s only natural to be more stingy than usual before parting with your hard-earned money.


What I Think Is Most Important

Is that you understand what your price range is and what exactly you are looking for. If you are able to find an answer for those two things, you will surely find the perfect electric scooter for you!

First, take a look at what you need. For the purpose of this example, we’ll assume that you are in search of an electric scooter for your child (see here). Now you’ve already cut off more than a third of your potential scooters!

Then, we’re going to be looking at what our child(ren) prioritize first, what we prioritize first for them, and what kind of terrain they’ll usually be riding on.

Let’s say that we have a 9 year old son who is only interested in being super fast and whizzing down the street. That’s nice, but as a parent you’ll probably be more concerned about their safety before you begin to think about how fast this thing is. When kids see 15 mph, they’re imagining the feel of the wind against their faces as they glide across the streets.

When (good) parents see 15 mph, they’re calculating how much damage can potentially be inflicted upon  their kids at that given velocity, should they fall off and/or crash. You probably want to prioritize your needs over theirs, but you still should try to make them happy.

The razor E300 is the fastest kids electric scooter, but maybe that’s too fast for you. Something like the E100 is quite drastically slower though! You can then choose something like the Razor E200 which has a max speed of 12 mph. Not too slow, but not too fast for you to be concerned either.


The Price

This is most likely the biggest factor you’ll be taking into account if you’re like most people. Maybe you think you’ve finally found the perfect electric scooter, but when you check the price tag you quickly shrink and your enthusiasm disappears. There’s nothing wrong if you feel like this, you’re only human!

You’re in luck though because like I’ve already mentioned, electric scooters are pretty much the cheapest they’ve ever been. For most kids scooters, I usually don’t recommend going over $300 unless you’re some sort of fanatic or you love electric scooters.

The discussion is different if we’re speaking about electric scooters for adults though (which you can see by clicking here) because they are often double the price of those intended for children. I usually don’t recommend going over $600 on electric scooters for adults.



To summarize, the main things you should be looking at are: 1) price and 2) intended use. Pretty easy to remember right? If you are sure to keep those two things in mind, I’m almost certain that you will find success when shopping for electric scooters and maybe save up some decent money too!