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Best Electric Scooters For Getting Around


Generally speaking, there will be two type of people in the market for an electric scooter. 1) Those who are looking for a fun toy/to recreationally use electric scooters (usually meant for children) or 2) Those who need an electric scooter to get around (more often than not used by adults). For the purpose of this article, we’re going to look at the electric scooters which are considered the best for getting around.

Typically, the most important element of a good “getting around” scooter is the range, followed by the speed, and then other things such as appearance. A good range is usually at least 15 miles. Depending on your use, the range can obviously be smaller.

Even a 10 mile range scooter (like the Razor E300 which I reviewed here) will get the job done for micro-transports. However, I wouldn’t really push it to the limit. Assuming one’s destination is 4 – 4.5 miles away and you’ll use the scooter when coming back, I probably wouldn’t take that risk. Yes, it should last you in theory, but you really never know. You might have went up some small hills or stomped the throttle the entire way which could have decreased your total range by a bit.


Here are the best electric scooters for getting around


1. Razor EcoSmart

This is my personal favorite electric scooter and I use it almost daily. For me, it is just perfect – I don’t even know where to begin.

First of all, I love the seat. If you look at most of Razors’ options, very few come with seats, but they took a risk with this model and it paid off. Had it not been for the seat, I probably wouldn’t have even considered this model.

It has a nice 18 mile range and the maximum speed is somewhere around 20 mph. These are very respectable numbers and will probably be more than enough for you to get around town. Overall, I really think very highly of the Ecosmart and I can strongly recommend it myself.



2. Razor E300

You might be thinking to yourself that this scooter doesn’t belong on this list and I wouldn’t blame you. But this is not just a scooter for kids. You see, the E300 was designed to offer versatility to those of all ages.

The range is decent (about 12 – 15 miles) and the speed of 15 mph is quite respectable too. I don’t like the lack of a seat on this model, but you can get that with the E300S.

For this price point, you really can’t go wrong. The E300 is great for those who need to travel short – medium distances.



3. Glion Dolly

If you like the E300, you should love this option. It’s like a Razor E300 for grown-ups. Much more elegant, smooth, and portable.

I have tried this electric scooter and I must admit that I was thoroughly impressed. It really does glide across pavement very smoothly and looks fantastic.

The Glion Dolly is certainly one of the most innovative and advanced electric scooters available. If you have somewhere you need to go but with a manner of professionalism, this option won’t let you down.


Conclusion: Which Should You Choose?

Look, there are many electric scooters that you can choose from and these three options are definitely not the only ones you should look to choose from. I myself wouldn’t recommend you to look only at these 3 scooters, and I hand-picked them!

There are new scooters being made at a fascinating rate and eventually, someone will overthrow these scooters. For now these are probably at least some of the best.

So to break it down:

Razor E300 – Best for those casually riding short distances. Can take you to your local gym, grocery store, mall, etc. if distance is under 4 – 5 miles, assuming you come back using the scooter.

Glion Dolly РVery much like the E300, but has slightly more range and about the same levels of speed. Biggest different would be that the Glion Dolly is more professional looking and is better suited for city grounds, while the E300 is more versatile with different terrains.

Razor EcoSmart – Sort of a mixture of both. Has a better range and speed, so this model is better suited for long distances. Comes with a seat attached for especially long rides or for those of you who simply just want to relax.