Who Are You?

My name is Harold and I live in beautiful Sacramento, California. I’m just your everyday, regular type of guy! I work as a contractor up in the valley and decided to make this website when I realized what joy these electric scooters brought to my kids, I want every kid on the planet to be as happy as my kids were on the first day they got their shiny new toys! I didn’t even know scooters like this existed a few months ago and now I’ve just completely indulged in this industry, we can’t get enough of it. I really do believe that these scooters are the way of the future and like electric cars, we’ll see more and more of them every year on our streets. Kids are outgrowing boring, regular-old scooters where you actually have to push to move and are exploring these new wonderful toys with great pleasure.


Why Did You Create This Website?

Well like I already mentioned, the main reason I’ve ever even looked into these things was because of how much my own three kids liked to ride these scooters; otherwise I probably wouldn’t even know that they exist even today! My main purpose in creating this site was to connect with parents all over the world whom are interested in getting a toy like this for their own kids and to assure them that they’re absolutely making the correct decision. My goal is to show parents the way and give them the best idea possible of what a good electric scooter is and why they should choose to get one.


Who Is Best Suited For This Website?

To be quite frank, I would’ve never thought in a million years that these electric scooters can be used ┬áby grown ups, but they can! I was shocked to say the least when I found out but I still wouldn’t dare try my kids’ scooters myself as I fear I could easily damage them (there’s a weight limit). In general, most of the scooters you will see here are probably best suited for kids, but if you do your research you’ll come to find out that many of them (like the E300) are perfect for lighter adults too.


What Do You Get Out Of This?

From the creation of this website I mainly get two things: the joy of knowing another child will be able to ride their very own electric scooter sometime soon and the small commission Amazon pays me for each referral I bring. To be honest, the first one makes me more happy to think about!


Should I Get An Electric Scooter?

There aren’t many things I’m 100% sure of in this world, but one of them is that you should absolutely get an electric scooter whether it be for your own personal use, your child, or both. Electric scooters are both fun, efficient, and surprisingly helpful! Need a quick ride somewhere where there won’t be any parking? Use a scooter. Need to tire out your kid(s) or get them out of the house? Use a scooter. I assure you that they’ll love to use them, but you’ll love seeing them happy even more.



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