Best Electric Scooters For Kids



Electric scooters are fun, and that’s no lie. Scooters really have come a long way; they’ve been around for nearly a century and while they were mostly the same mechanically for the majority of that time, we’ve seen a huge spike in development of electric scooters for kids in recent years, and you can see why.




This Christmas we decided to buy electric scooters for all 3 of our kids (and adult electric scooters for ourselves). We bought the Razor E100 electric scooter for our 8 year old daughter, a Razor Pocket Mod Scooter for our 10 year old daughter, and the speedy Razor E300 for our 11 year old son. If you’re following along, you’ve probably realized that the top-dog in this industry is certainly Razor.


Check out this very brief video of kids having a BLAST riding a Razor electric scooter – the E100 and E300!




Here are the 5 best electric scooters for children! (Scroll sideways to view all).


Razor E100 Razor E300 Razor Pocket Mod Razor E200 Razor E300S


We got “hooked” on electric scooters when the pastor of our church got one for his 10 year old daughter, Angela. We were invited over to watch her ride, and our kids actually got the chance to “test drive” the scooter!


Needless to say, they LOVED it!


(5 / 5)

razor e100 kids electric scooter

Red Razor E100

We decided on buying the Razor E100 for our youngest because we felt like it was a good “transitional” scooter for relatively young children.

It is exciting for them to ride, with it’s twist grip throttle and a top speed of 10 mph! Yet it is also a safe speed as well. It requires reaching a speed of approximately 3 mph, before activating the chain driven motor.

In that sense, it resembles a conventional “push” scooter. Check out my review of this kids scooter.




This is one of the safest kids electric scooters and that’s precisely why we chose this model for our youngest girl. It’s not so fast that you would worry about their safety, but not so slow that they’d consider it boring; it’s a nice balance of safety and fun. We love that to kick in the motor, you have to give a little push to reach 3 mph because this feature verifies that the rider has their balance before reaching top speeds.



As we’ve previously mentioned, speed is not a big issue with this electric scooter. It reaches a max speed of 10 mph which is nice for most kids on the younger side and is still considered mostly safe. For most kids under the ages of 10 – 12, the speed on this model is more than sufficient.


Run time

The run time of the E100 is around 40 minutes of continuous riding. For some that might not seem like much, but in reality that is a decent amount of time for most scooters.



This scooter is designed like any other scooter and has a typical frame. It looks quite nice and is available in the following colors: Pink, sweet pea, blue, purple, and silver. It’s a unisex electric scooter (like most) and that means its great for both little boys and girls.



Maybe the most wonderful thing about this product is its more than fair price. It’s one of the cheapest electric scooters for kids but make no mistake about it; it’s a very high quality product, and that can be said about most Razor scooters. If your main focus is to save as much money as possible, then consider the Razor E100.



(5 / 5)

Razor e300 electric scooter

Blue Razor E300

The Razor E300 electric scooter is perfect for our adventurous 11 year old boy! When we decided to buy electric scooters for our kids, we were careful to make sure we selected the right scooter for each of them.

It also has an extra wide, non slip deck, and wide 10 inch pneumatic tires. Both help it to provide a surprisingly smooth ride.

The E300 really is quite fast, reaching a top speed of 15 mph! That type of speed will keep our 11 year old interested for quite some time. See my review of this electric scooter for kids.



This is not a scooter that is by any means “not safe” but it is slightly less safe than a scooter like the E100. That is one of the tradeoffs you get when you choose a faster, more exhilarating electric scooter. If rode properly, it’s still pretty safe and combined with safety garments like helmets and kneepads, you really shouldn’t have too many worries.



This is where the E300 really rises above all of the other scooters. It can reach a top speed of a whopping 15 mph which is really a nice speed and will keep even the most experienced kids happy. The E300 is notoriously known in the electric scooter world for its speed, and in most cases it is king.


Run time

Just like the Razor E100, this product has up to 40 minutes of continuous use. Again, this should be enough for most kids. Nearly an hour of riding on a scooter for kids at these speeds will tire out just about any child.



This scooter for children looks nearly identical to the E100 and it almost is. The main differences are in the internals which give you a faster ride while maintaining the same expected run time. You have less color variety with this scooter, but that’s fine as this product was mainly designed for older kids who aren’t concerned as much with the color of their scooter.



The Razor E300 is more expensive than the Razor E100 but when thinking about it, it really is worth it. With a little bit more cash, you will get a faster ride which is almost always more fun for kids. Generally, you’re just going to be paying for a scooter that rides 50% faster than the E100 (10mph vs. 15mph). I would really recommend this motor scooter for big kids. In my opinion, this is the best scooter one could go with.



(4.6 / 5)

razor pocket mod scooter

Razor Pocket Mod

Finally, we decided to settle on the Razor Pocket Mod electric scooter for our 10 year old daughter. She’s a bit on the heavier side, and this model suited our needs best.

It’s designed for kids 13 and up and for those who are 170 lbs or less. With this added size, the Razor Pocket Mod also packs a punch with its speed.

This Scooter also comes in many colors and is suitable for both boys and girls. If you’d like to read my review of this product, click here.




The reason why this kids electric scooter is seen as more safe than scooters like the E100 or E300 is because of its seat. There really are plenty of seated electric scooters and they’re often not only more comfortable, but more safe because it keeps kids balanced. The handlebar is sufficiently padded for a smooth and safe ride.



With this model of motorized electric scooter, we don’t have to trade safety for speed. We can have both! This Pocket Mod scooter is really quite zippy (15 mph) just like the E300.


Run Time

The run time of this scooter unfortunately isn’t as impressive, the 12 volt lithium battery will last you about 10 miles on a single charge meaning that you will get around 40 minutes of action at full speed. This seems to be the number for almost all rechargeable scooters by razor.



You’ve got to hand it to Razor; they did a nice job on the design of the pocket mod. It really does look quite nice and I’m sure most kids would feel all grown-up driving around in one of these. You also get to choose from seven colors currently: Purple, sweet pea, black, red, little red, and pink. This is probably not the best variant if you’re looking for easy storage. The design of this kids scooter also might make one believe it to be a girls scooter, but it certainly shouldn’t be limited in that way.



Personally, I would say that this kids scooter is fairly priced. It’s around the same price as the E300 and you can go both over and under, depending on your color preference. In my opinion, this scooter is really worth the price; our daughter can’t get enough of it.



These were the scooters we decided to go with for our three children and we’re generally quite satisfied with them, but of course there are other options. Prior to buying these items we did a fair amount of research about all the different electric scooters for kids, and here’s what we got.



(4 / 5)

razor e200 electric scooter

Razor E200

Another electric scooter for kids we strongly considered for our youngest was this – the Razor E200 model. If you’re stuck between having to choose from the E100 and the E300, this model, the E200 is fittingly a good option.

This E200 kids electric scooter is awesome because it’s faster than the E100, slower than the E300, and in the middle when it comes to safety.

We decided on the E100 for our youngest daughter simply because it is a little bit slower and that made us more comfortable. You’ll have to decide based on your desires. Check out my Razor E200 review.



All in all, the E200 is around the same as it’s predecessor, the E100 in terms of safety. The only difference is that it has a top speed of 12 mph rather than 10 mph which really won’t be that noticeable. Balancing remains seamless and simple. It almost resembles a self balancing scooter. The dimensions of the electric scooter increase the mobility, making it even more fun for the kids.



Speed in this case would be average at 12 mph. Slightly faster than the E100 and slower than the E300; it’s a nice middle ground, but acceleration is a walk in the park. My daughter really enjoys herself on her 10 mph scooter so for most parents, speed shouldn’t be a big concern, it’s probably fast enough for your child.


Run time

Run time is typical; around 40 minutes continuously depending on conditions and speeds driven at.



The design of this electric powered scooter is very similar to the other models we got. They look nearly identical and slightly differ in their internals.



The Razor E200 is priced slightly higher than the E100 and less than the E300. In all honesty, I would still go with the E100. It’s cheaper and the results are nearly the same; the E200 is just a tad faster at 12 mph. For some of you, this might be a deal breaker but for us it wasn’t.



(4 / 5)

seated kids electric scooter

Razor E300S

Lastly, we’re going to touch on this Razor E300S scooter because it is one we’re considering getting now for our 10 year old Katie. It’s exactly the same as the E300 except it comes with a seat! That’s something we really appreciate.

Right now she has the pocket mod scooter and she rides it every day, but sometimes she likes to use her brothers’ E300.

Considering that she’s currently got a seated scooter at the moment, we thought this would be the perfect gift for her!




The level of safety on this scooter is just about the same as the E300, but slightly more safe because of the seat. We really like seated scooters now because they provide another level of added balance and comfort, making the ride more safe even with the steel frame.



The E300S is just as zippy as its brother the E300, reaching top speeds of 15 miles per hour. The high torque technology makes riding this E scooter a blast.


Run time

Nothing is different here either; you’ll get a solid 40 minutes of action in most cases with the Razor E300s.



I personally like the design of the E300S over the E300 because the scooter with a seat looks more balanced to me. Not to take anything away from the E300, they both look very nice.



The Razor E300S is just a little bit more expensive than the E300 but it really isn’t that big of a deal. It’s not a big price to pay for a seat, and it’s something we’re most definitely willing to pay for what many consider to be the best electric scooter.



If you’ve made it this far, you are probably asking yourself how you can actually go about choosing an electric scooter, and I don’t blame you, it’s a tough decision to make! The latest technology has really taken these electric mopeds to another level. I suggest you take some time to look over each electric scooter with your kid(s) and try to come to a conclusion. Try to read about each of the scooters and explain to your child what the options are; try to get down to the bottom of what they really want.



For Most Kids…

Any electric scooter will do the job, but the fact of the matter is that older children tend to lean towards speedier scooters over the others. Thankfully though, you will have many options to choose from! There are fast, seated, colorful scooters and you can and should work together with your kid(s).



For Young Boys & Girls (ages 6 – 10)

Nine times out of ten, I would suggest a Razor E100 for a young boy or girl. This is because the younger the child, the more fragile they tend to be and while you might not think 5 mph in speed makes a difference, I found that it really does and this is especially true to young kids. If they’re around 9 or 10 years old, a Razor E200 will also do the job and provide a little bit more speed if the 10 mph speed is too slow.



For Older Girls (ages 10+)

This isn’t always going to be true, but I’ve noticed that older girls tend to lean towards seated electric scooters more so than boys as they grow older. The most popular of these scooters is definitely the Razor Pocket Mod which is really fast and lasts just as long as any other scooter by razor, but it comes with a seat in place.



For Older Boys (ages 10+)

Boys ages 10 and up almost always are looking for maximum speed, and that’s why I recommend the Razor E300. It’s the fastest electric kick scooter I’ve seen and it’s stylish; not to mention the charge lasts a decent amount of time as well. Seated scooters are also recommended for older boys, but they usually stick with the traditional route.

Check out the E300 in action!



In Conclusion…

These electric scooters are really amazing when you think about how far the original scooter has came over the decades. Kids now don’t even have to make contact with the ground with their feet in order to get moving, and that’s really cool. These inexpensive toys are some of the most fun you can find for your kids and at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about; making your kids happy! Our children absolutely adore their scooters and use them daily, we’re so glad we made the small investment because now we see them outside more than we ever did prior to finding out about these creations. If you’re thinking about getting one of these, I highly suggest you do it!